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New York: Tedisco Unlikely to Seek Rematch in 2010

Fresh off his agonizingly close loss in the 20th district special election, state Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R) is not ruling out a rematch with new Rep. Scott Murphy (D) in 2010, but he said his plan for now is to seek re-election.

“The old saying is, you never say no to anything really,— Tedisco told on Wednesday. “Anything’s possible.—

Tedisco said he blames no one but himself for his 400-vote defeat in a district where Republicans outnumber Democrats by about 70,000 in terms of registered voters.

“I think any time you lose an election, it’s basically the candidate’s fault,— Tedisco told the Web site. “So I don’t blame anybody else but myself. It’s the candidate’s fault if he doesn’t raise enough money, it’s the candidate’s fault if he doesn’t recruit enough volunteers, it’s the candidate’s fault if he doesn’t communicate the right ideas, and you have to overcome those obstacles … I take the loss. I think if I won it would have been by the help of a lot of other people, which I got. But the loss is my loss.—

Tedisco did say, however, that it was a tough time to run as a Republican in a high-profile election, even with the GOP’s advantages in the upstate district.

“I haven’t really had time to totally analyze it,— he said, “but I think the brand has been difficult to run with, and we’ve got to relearn Republicanism, and gain the trust of Republicans, so they get back on the line, and I think that was part of the challenge.—

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