Rehr Steps Down From Broadcasters

Posted May 6, 2009 at 2:30pm

David Rehr, the scrappy Republican lobbyist who has headed the National Association of Broadcasters for three years, tendered his resignation Wednesday.

In a statement, Rehr said: “I have enjoyed leading America’s broadcasters through this time of change and challenge. Our efforts to educate America about the digital television transition have been enormously successful, and our effort to reinvigorate radio through the Radio Heard Here campaign is positioning radio broadcasters well for the future.—

One industry source said Rehr’s take-no-prisonors approach, particularly on a long-simmering battle with the recording industry over the payment of performance royalties by radio stations, did not sit well with the group’s members.

Rehr reportedly said he would rather slit his own throat than negotiate with the recording industry over the issue.

“It’s clear at this point that David’s absolutist approach against negotiating with the recording industry had the effect of slitting his own throat,— said one industry source familiar with the situation.