Huckabee Makes South Carolina House Endorsement

Posted June 15, 2009 at 2:49pm
CQ Photo
Rex Rice

Former Arkansas governor, 2008 Republican presidential candidate and 2012 hopeful Mike Huckabee continues to make headlines in early presidential primary states, this time by endorsing Republican Rex Rice for Congress in South Carolina’s 3rd District.

Rice, a member of the state House since 1994, announced the endorsement Monday.  

In the release, Huckabee lauded Rice’s brand of conservatism. “Rex is both a fiscal and a family conservative who believes like I do that we as a society must protect life from conception to its natural conclusion; a government which governs least, governs best; and that less spending and lower taxes promote economic growth,” said Huckabee, who carried the district in the 2008 Republican presidential primary.