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MoveOn to Hold Rallies to Pressure Senators on Health Care, a liberal activist group, is planning to pressure Senators to embrace left-leaning health care and environmental reforms via 130 rallies in 45 activists are demanding that Congress implement a government-run, public insurance option as a part of health care reform, a proposal opposed by many conservative and moderate Democrats and nearly all Republicans. The protests are set to occur in the run-up to the August recess and will be held outside of the Senators’ district offices. MoveOn did not specify which Senators would be targeted.“MoveOn’s five million members have made it abundantly clear that they will continue to urge their members of Congress to stand with President [Barack] Obama and give them both the healthcare they deserve and a strong clean energy jobs bill,— Justin Ruben, executive director of, said in a statement. “Our members will be watching Congress very closely, and will mobilize around those leaders who work to pass President Obama’s agenda.—