Gibbs: Obama Determined to Make Health Care Reform Happen

Posted August 21, 2009 at 11:47am

President Barack Obama is determined to succeed on difficult issues like health care, even if it dents his popularity so much that he loses a re-election bid and becomes a one-term president, according to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.“I have heard the president say that if making tough decisions in getting important things done that Washington has failed to deal with for decades means that he only lives in this house and makes those decisions for four years, he’s quite comfortable with that,— Gibbs said. Gibbs asserted that Obama wants what’s best for “the American people— and not “his personal poll numbers.—Gibbs’ comments come as the president’s poll numbers are in decline and as support for portions of his health care agenda also takes a tumble.Responding to a Senate Finance Committee health care phone conference Thursday, Gibbs suggested Obama is pleased that lawmakers appear to be making some progress, but he said the president also believes committee members should work “in a timely fashion— to produce a bill in September.Obama plans to resume his public campaign for a health bill in September and October, Gibbs said.