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Seven Member Offices Experience Web Slowdown Tuesday

Staffers from a handful of Member offices had trouble uploading content onto their Web sites Tuesday, with updates taking as long as an hour to appear.Jeff Ventura, spokesman for Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard, attributed the delays to the ongoing expansion of server capacity. Engineers are using the August recess to move hosted content onto larger servers that can handle more activity.“Ever since the stimulus — where we had a major slowdown — we have been actively upgrading systems and capacity,— he said. “We’ve seen multiple legislative issues that are making it necessary to fortify our networks more and more.—Ventura said seven Members were affected, but he declined to name them. Their Web sites, he said, were “configured— in a way that caused them to be affected by the server upgrade. On late Tuesday afternoon, he said the problem was expected to be fixed momentarily.The domain has experienced several problems in the past year.Last fall, a flood of Web traffic during the vote on the financial bailout bill overloaded the House servers and made almost impossible to load. Earlier this month, a flood of health-care-related e-mails sent through House Web sites slowed down the system and prevented many constituents from sending Web-based e-mail to their Members.House officials say that upgrades to the House servers will help prevent similar problems in the future. The CAO’s office has scheduled such upgrades over the August recess, which they thought would bring less traffic.Instead, the debate over health care has spurred a deluge of e-mails and Web traffic, complicating the CAO’s plans.Ventura said officials try to minimize inconvenience to Members by timing upgrades during slow periods. But, he added, “anything that we do in regard to upkeep or maintenance will have an effect.—

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