Pelosi Appeals for $100,000 to Fight for Health Care Reform

Posted August 27, 2009 at 12:00pm

Hoping to boost Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising before the August Federal Election Commission deadline, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) released an appeal Thursday with a goal of bringing in $100,000 in new donations by Monday to help fight for health care reform.Pelosi’s plea, which was released to the DCCC’s grass-roots e-mail list, was couched as an effort to fight back against “special interest-funded attacks— on the public insurance option and to demonstrate “the grassroots momentum behind real reform— before Congress returns from the August recess. Democrats have spent the month fending off attacks from Republicans, and some of their constituents, over their health care plans, including the public insurance option.“You and I know that real reform — including the choice of a public health insurance option — is the single best way to reduce costs, improve quality and expand coverage to the uninsured while making sure people who like their current plans can keep them,— Pelosi wrote. “Committed supporters like you are our best weapon against Republican attempts to poison the debate on health insurance reform—The DCCC just barely outraised the National Republican Congressional Committee in July. The Democratic committee brought in $3.2 million last month, while the NRCC took in $3.1 million. The DCCC reported $10.2 million in the bank and $5.3 million in debt, while the NRCC reported $4 million in the bank and $2.7 million in debt.