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Obama Promises a New Look at Job Creation

President Barack Obama said in Saturday’s weekly radio address that he is considering new ways to promote job creation in the wake of continuing job losses that have pushed the unemployment rate up to 9.8 percent.In the GOP response, Rep. Candice Miller (Mich.) continued the Republican attack on Obama over the loss of jobs and what the GOP says is the failure of the stimulus to deliver on employment as promised.“Yesterday’s report on September job losses was a sobering reminder that progress comes in fits and starts, and that we will need to grind out this recovery step by step,— Obama said. “That’s why I’m working closely with my economic team to explore additional options to promote job creation. And I won’t let up until those who seek jobs can find them, until businesses that seek capital and credit can thrive, and until all responsible homeowners can stay in their homes.—Obama is bashed almost daily by the GOP for the failure so far of the recovery to stem job losses.The president did not specify what types of steps he is considering, and he spent much of the rest of his address focusing on what he sees as the benefits of his health care overhaul agenda for small businesses.“Right now, they are paying up to 18 percent more for the very same insurance plans as larger businesses because they have higher administrative costs and less bargaining power,— Obama said. “Many have been forced to cut benefits or drop coverage. Some have shed jobs or shut their doors entirely. And recent studies show that if we fail to act now, employers will pay 6 percent more to insure their employees next year – and more than twice as much over the next decade.—Obama said small businesses “will be able to purchase health insurance through an insurance exchange, a marketplace where they can compare the price, quality and services of a wide variety of plans, many of which will provide better coverage at lower costs than the plans they have now.—Republicans weren’t buying it. “While the American people were promised that the ‘stimulus’ would prevent unemployment from rising above 8 percent, it’s now teetering on the verge of 10 percent,— Miller said. “And in Michigan, our unemployment rate is the nation’s highest at 15.2 percent.—Miller accused Democrats of pursuing “job-killing policies— like a cap-and-trade energy bill that would create a “national energy tax that would increase electricity bills, raise gasoline prices, and ship more American jobs overseas.—Miller said Obama’s health care proposal would also endanger the economy and imperil seniors and small businesses. “Washington Democrats intend to fund their government-run health care plan with cuts to Medicare benefits for seniors and massive new taxes on small business owners,— she said.

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