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Obama Thankful to House for Health Vote, Confident of Senate Passage

President Barack Obama thanked House Members Sunday for their “courageous vote— to pass health care reform and said he is confident the Senate will approve legislation as well.

Obama, who appeared in the Rose Garden to make brief remarks, said the harsh rhetoric that surrounded the legislation had made it a difficult vote.

“I know that this was a courageous vote for many Members of Congress, and I’m grateful to them and the rest of their colleagues for taking us this far,— he said. “Now it falls on the United States Senate to take the baton and bring this to the finish line.—

The president spoke optimistically of a signing ceremony in the future during which Senators will “be able to joint their House colleagues and say this was their finest moment in public service.—

Obama also praised an agreement in Iraq that he said would pave the way for elections next year. “This agreement advances the political progress that can bring lasting peace and unity to Iraq,— he said, adding that it would aid the exit of U.S. troops.