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New York: Hanna Hits Arcuri on Support for Health Care Bill

Construction executive and 2008 Republican congressional candidate Richard Hanna dipped his toe into 2010 politics Tuesday with a press release condemning Rep. Michael Arcuri, D-N.Y., for backing the House’s health care bill (HR 3962).

Hanna lost to Arcuri, 48 percent to 52 percent, in 2008 and is continuing to mull another run, but until now has stayed out of the public eye. Spokeswoman Renee Gamela said Hanna “felt compelled” to issue the release, the only one he has sent out so far this cycle, “because it’s such an important issue,” but she noted that it does not indicate any imminent announcement about his 2010 plans. Gamela, who worked on Hanna’s 2008 campaign, added that she was not currently on his staff and simply stepped in to help distribute the release.

In the statement, Hanna calls the bill, which passed the House Nov. 7, “well intentioned but ill-conceived.”

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