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Democratic Primary in Minnesota 6 Set

Physician Maureen Reed, a Democratic candidate for Minnesota’s 6th district, announced Wednesday evening that she will not abide by the state party’s endorsement process, all but guaranteeing a competitive primary that could complicated Democratic efforts to unseat Rep. Michele Bachmann (R).

State Sen. Tarryl Clark is the favorite to receive the party nod at the Democratic-Farm-Labor convention next spring, a part of the party process in Minnesota. Most, but not all of the time the candidates who do not receive the party endorsement withdraw from the race.

Reed’s determination to stay through the primary, currently slated for the second Tuesday in September (this date may have to be changed given new federal election laws, Eric Black at blogged about the details in September), could mean an expensive contest with Clark, giving the winner little time to turn her focus to Bachmann.

A portion of Reed’s statement, distributed to supporters, is below:

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