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Herron Set to Refund Gubernatorial Campaign Cash

State Sen. Roy Herron (D), who’s dropping his campaign for governor of Tennessee to run for the seat of retiring Rep. John Tanner (D), will be refunding money he raised for his state race as he begins his federal campaign.

“Thanks to you and many others, we have raised well over $900,000 toward the gubernatorial campaign, including some funds that were transferred from my state senate account,” Herron wrote in an email to supporters who donated to his gubernatorial effort. “I want you to know that I plan to refund contributions made to the gubernatorial campaign. We are getting legal and accounting advice on that process right now and will be back in touch with you as soon we know more.”

Herron was the first to jump into the Democratic primary to replace Tanner but he may not have the field to himself. Republicans meanwhile have united behind little known gospel singer Stephen Fincher (R) who has made a splash due to his fundraising prowess. Fincher raised more than $300,000 in about a month of fundraising before the third quarter Federal Election Commission report.

In his email Wednesday night Herron also announced that he’d be releasing the names of “significant’ supporters in the coming days.

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