NRSC Narrowing DSCC’s Cash Advantage

Posted March 19, 2010 at 1:46pm

Updated: March 19, 3:20 p.m.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee raised $4.64 million in February, about $600,000 more than the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raised last month.

The new fundraising reports, which are due to be filed Saturday with the Federal Election Commission, show that the Republican committee is narrowing the cash-on-hand advantage the DSCC has had.

The DSCC still has a small cash advantage over their GOP counterparts, ending the month with $14.3 million in the bank compared to the NRSC’s $12.86 million But that’s a much closer margin than just five months ago, when the DSCC reported a $5.1 million cash-on-hand lead over the NRSC at the end of September.

The DSCC raised $4 million in February and spent $2.7 million. The committee also still has $417,000 in debt left over from the 2008 cycle. At the end of January, the DSCC was carrying about $800,000 in debt.

The NRSC spent $2.2 million during the month and continues to be debt free.