Indiana: Challenger Launches Attack Ad at Burton

Posted March 24, 2010 at 5:59pm

State Rep. Mike Murphy, one of the six Republicans challenging Rep. Dan Burton in the primary, is on the air with an attack ad against the incumbent.

In the ad, Murphy appears on camera to endorse tax and spending cuts, Congressional term limits and to say that “28 years of Dan Burton is enough.”

Burton campaign spokesman John Donnelly declined to comment on the ad.

The commercial credits Murphy with creating more than 2,000 jobs. Campaign spokesman John Hammond said that refers to a 2006 telecommunications deregulation law that Murphy sponsored.

Hammond didn’t have any information on the size of the ad buy.

Bayh Gives $1 Million to Indiana Democrats

Retiring Sen. Evan Bayh (D) is beginning to unload some of his $13 million campaign treasury.

The Indiana Democratic Party announced that it has received $1 million from Bayh’s campaign committee — money that party officials said would be used to help elect Rep. Brad Ellsworth as Bayh’s successor.

“This is a million dollar vote of confidence in Brad Ellsworth and Indiana Democrats,” Bayh said in a statement.

Campaign finance law permits Bayh to transfer any or all of his leftover campaign funds to party committees.