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FBI Reaches Out to Senators’ State Offices

The FBI is reaching out to Senators’ state offices after a recent spate of threats to Members, according to an e-mail sent Friday by the office of the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms.

Lawmakers have received threats since the House passed the health care reform act last month, with some Members reporting bricks thrown through office windows and packages of white powder. But in Friday’s e-mail, SSA officials urged Senators and staffers to not be alarmed because of the FBI’s outreach.

“There are no indications of any impending increase in threat activity,” officials write in the e-mail. “This effort is intended to acquaint Congressional staff with the local FBI office and review measures that may assist investigators in the case of a future threat.”

The FBI is encouraging field offices to proactively contact Congressional offices and local law enforcement agencies to “ensure a prompt response to any future threats,” according to the e-mail.

The e-mail also encourages state offices to meet with the local FBI office and local police agencies on a “regular basis” and to immediately notify local authorities of any illegal or suspicious activity.

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