Indiana: Republican Young Airs New Ad in 9th District

Posted April 27, 2010 at 6:56pm

Lawyer Todd Young (R) is on the air with a spot that introduces him as the “real conservative” his party needs to take on Rep. Baron Hill (D).

“We need less government, not more debt hanging over our kids’ futures,” Young says in a television ad that seeks to contrast him with former Rep. Mike Sodrel, Young’s chief competitor in the primary.

Sodrel is “a good man,” Young says, “but the huge problems we face call for a true conservative who will fight against the runaway spending.”

Ryan Burchfield, Young’s campaign manager, declined to say how much the campaign is spending to air the ad in the 9th district, including the Louisville market.

Young also is airing a 60-second radio spot that is more direct in its criticism of Sodrel, who Young says “is no deficit hawk like he’d like us to think.”

Sodrel has defended his credentials as a fiscal conservative.

Republicans Travis Hankins and Rick Warren also are seeking the nomination.