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Here’s the clue: a game-show-style question-and-answer session hosted by the archivist of the United States.

If you answered, “What is ‘Archives Jeopardy!’?” then you’re correct.

Archivist David Ferriero will put on his best Alex Trebek impersonation and quiz audience members on their historical knowledge for prizes from the Archives gift shop. The contest will start at noon Thursday.

Ferriero didn’t want to give away specific questions for obvious reasons, but he did say they will be based on documents in the museum.

“It does coincide with our recently opened [Discovering the] Civil War exhibit, so you might expect some Civil War questions,” he said. “The hope is that [contestants] will be enticed to go see the exhibit.”

As it turns out, Ferriero isn’t a “Jeopardy!” rookie, so the learning curve for the host ought not to be steep.

“Not only am I a fan, but when I taught at [Simmons College] my final exam was a ‘Jeopardy!’ quiz that I created,” Ferriero said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The game will be preceded by a showing on the big screen in the William G. McGowan Theater of the Jan. 6 episode of the real “Jeopardy!” that spotlighted the National Archives as a featured category.

The show’s producers worked with Archives staff to develop clues and answers. And Trebek filmed the clues at the Archives, where fans swarmed him to pose for photos, according to Archives staff.

“Archives Jeopardy!” attendees should use the special events entrance at Constitution Avenue and Seventh Street Northwest. They do not need to wait in line with the general public.

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