Special Election to Replace Souder Set for November

Posted May 28, 2010 at 2:37pm

The special election to replace former Rep. Mark Souder (R) will coincide with the regular November election, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) announced Friday.

Daniels issued an executive order as well as a statement that said “the public interest can best be served by a special election held simultaneously with the general election on November 2.”

He continued, “The grounds for this decision are: the cost to taxpayers, the convenience of the voting public, and the involvement of the largest possible number of citizens in the selection of a new Congressman.”

The Indiana Republican Party said Friday that it will hold a pair of caucuses June 12 to select nominees for both contests. Several hundred precinct committeemen will choose among more than 10 Republicans who have declared their interest. GOP officials are expected to select the same candidate for both races.

State Sen. Marlin Stutzman, state Rep. Randy Borror, Fort Wayne Councilwoman Liz Brown and auto dealer Bob Thomas are among the leading candidates.

Former Fort Wayne Councilman Tom Hayhurst is the Democratic nominee in the regular election, and party officials surely will choose him to run in the special election, which the GOP is heavily favored to win.