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Rep. Bartlett’s Son Withdraws From Politics for Now

It has widely been assumed for years that whenever 84-year-old Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-Md.) decides to retire, his son, state Del. Joseph Bartlett (R), would run for his seat.

But the younger Bartlett ended his political career Tuesday — at least temporarily — by announcing he would not seek a fourth term in the Legislature.

Joseph Bartlett has been buffeted in recent weeks by reports that his girlfriend was paid $33,768 in state funds so Bartlett could stay at her house in Annapolis during the past four legislative sessions. Lawmakers who live a certain distance from the state capital are given a housing stipend when the Legislature is in session.

Bartlett insisted in a statement that his decision to leave politics was “in no way based on any recent political turbulence or a fear of not being re-elected.” Bartlett said he was leaving to focus on his real estate investment business — which his girlfriend will be a part of.

Bartlett made no mention of whether he’d ever get into politics again, but he’s only 40, so he could jump back into the fray whenever his father leaves office. A big battle for the Republican nomination is likely whenever Congressman Bartlett decides to call it quits.

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