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Limbaugh, Gingrich Wade Into N.Y. 1st District Primary

Two leading conservative pundits have joined the bloodletting in New York’s 1st district Republican primary. And like the candidates, these pundits aren’t exactly on the same page.

Rush Limbaugh devoted several minutes on Thursday’s radio show to supporting George Demos, one of three Republican hopefuls in the hotly contested race for the nomination to face Rep. Tim Bishop (D).

Another candidate is Chris Cox, an attorney and the grandson of President Richard Nixon.

“The Republican State Party has sent Christopher Cox, Nixon’s grandson, and a guy who was a Green Party, pro-choice Republican in New Jersey before they shipped him out to Suffolk County to run against George Demos,” Rush said. “So you’ve got a couple pro-choice, country-club, blue-blood Republicans in the primary.”

Newt Gingrich, meanwhile, doesn’t like Cox either. The former Speaker is featured in a new robocall for the other GOP hopeful, Randy Altschuler.

“Randy Altschuler is a self-made businessman who’s created more than 250 jobs in New York and more than 750 jobs across America,” Newt says in the message. “Randy’s met a payroll, and he understands what needs to be done to turn our economy around. Randy Altschuler is exactly the type of leader America needs in Congress today. The choice is clear.”

Each of the Republican candidates has accused the others of being carpetbaggers in a race that could offer a separate Conservative Party candidate, who could divide the Republican base and let Bishop off easy (a la the special election in the state’s 23rd district last year).

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has been paying attention.

“It’s difficult to say this but the Republicans are right — all of their candidates are out of touch with the best interests of Long Island families,” said DCCC spokesman Shripal Shah, who issued a press release Friday morning featuring the GOP candidates swapping accusations. “From Randy Altschuler to George Demos to Chris Cox, none of the Republicans have any real roots in Long Island, and we appreciate them taking the time to highlight how out of touch they are with Suffolk County.”

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