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Club for Growth Ads Target Five Senate Races

The Club for Growth is dropping $1.5 million in television ad buys in five states to support its conservative Senate candidates and paint their respective rivals as out of touch with the financial plight of average Americans.

The ads, paid for by the club’s independent expenditure arm, are set to go up in multiple media markets in Nevada, Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania on Thursday and Friday.

“Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, Ron Johnson, Ken Buck, and Sharron Angle belong in the Senate, and Club for Growth Action is going to do everything it can to get them there,” Club for Growth President Chris Chocola said in a release Thursday. “This five-state, $1.5 million buy adds to the first wave in a campaign that we expect to be the most successful economic freedom has had in decades.”

In Nevada, where the powerful anti-tax group played a key role in helping Angle earn a surprise primary victory in June, the club’s new ad blasts Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) for being out of touch.

“Who understands what Nevada’s going through?” the ad asks. “Sharron Angle and her husband live in this middle-class Nevada house. They’ve seen their property values plummet and watched friends lose jobs. Harry Reid lives in the million-dollar Ritz Carlton in Washington. He’s taken more lobbyist money than any other Senator and championed economic policies that hurt Nevada. Harry Reid: Three decades in Washington is enough.”

In Florida, the club is taking on an old foe, Gov. Charlie Crist (I), whom it helped chase out of the Republican primary earlier this year.

“Career politician Charlie Crist will say anything,” the ad states. “He championed the Obama stimulus plan, then denied it. He supported the Bush tax cuts, then erased it from his website. Said he was for offshore drilling … whoops, never mind. While our flip-flop governor was playing political games, what happened to Florida? Highest unemployment in decades. Incomes down. Foreclosures up. Washington already has enough slippery politicians.”

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