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Murkowski Proposes Naming Mountain for Stevens

In memory of the late Sen. Ted Stevens, Sen. Lisa Murkowski wants to name a mountain after her fellow Alaska Republican.

“Sen. Ted Stevens was a true Alaskan and a great champion of the state,” Murkowski said in a statement. “This is a fitting tribute for a man who was both a mentor and a personal friend to me, and to whom all Alaskans owe so much.”

Stevens died at age 86 in a plane crash Aug. 9 in Alaska. He served in the Senate for 40 years, losing his bid for an eighth term in 2008.

Murkowski has in mind a 13,895-foot mountain in Alaska’s Denali National Park. She plans to introduce a bill that would name it Stevens Peak, as well as name an Alaskan ice field after the lawmaker.

The airport in Anchorage is already named for Stevens. A visitor center in Alaska’s Chugach National Forest is named for Reps. Nick Begich (D-Alaska) and Hale Boggs (D-La.), whose plane disappeared over Alaska in 1972. Boggs was Majority Leader at the time.

“While there are a number of facilities named after Stevens, this bill will guarantee that future generations of Alaskans will remember him,” Murkowski said.