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Lungren Slams Campaign Finance Reform

Rep. Dan Lungren accused Democratic Members of hypocrisy for trying to push campaign finance reform while deeming the California Republican’s opponent viable simply because he is a capable fundraiser.

Some of Lungren’s Democratic colleagues in the House and on the House Administration Committee are “doing their best to put me out of this place,” he said Thursday during a panel markup of the Fair Elections Now Act, which would institute federally funded elections.

Democrats say “the reason I’m vulnerable is because my opponent is raising so much money,” Lungren said. “That’s the sole reason.”

“So I find it odd to be here at this time when the majority is bemoaning” money in politics, he added. Lungren is facing a stiff challenge from Democrat Ami Bera.

Lungren introduced an amendment that would take money donated to a public election fund and use it to offset the deficit, in the event there is a deficit.

The amendment was voted down on party lines. The committee reported the bill favorably to the House with no Republican votes.

Rep. Artur Davis (Ala.) was the only Democrat to vote against the bill.

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