Connecticut: Few Voters Watch Senate Smackdown

Posted October 5, 2010 at 7:24pm

The first head-to-head clash in this high-profile Senate contest, a debate between former wrestling executive Linda McMahon (R) and state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (D), drew a small slice of Connecticut’s voting population, according to ratings shared with Roll Call by the local Fox affiliate’s parent company.

CT1 Media reported that about 78,000 households ‘ a 7.8 household rating ‘ tuned in to the 7 p.m. live broadcast that aired Monday in every region except Fairfield County, which borders New York and contains roughly one-third of all Connecticut households.

That’s not bad for the Monday night time slot, when about 40,000 local households watch reruns of the popular show ‘Two and a Half Men,’ according to Steve Rabb, senior manager of special projects and research at CT1.

But 78,000 is nothing in a state with 2.1 million registered voters.

There are two more debates scheduled in this Senate race; the first is Thursday morning with the Business Council of Fairfield County. The second and final meeting is set for 7 p.m. Tuesday in New London. It will be aired live on local television.