Nation: Caucuses Move Money in Attempt to Save Seats

Posted October 5, 2010 at 7:24pm

In a testament to the importance of this year’s midterm elections in the minds of Members, the House’s most active Congressional caucuses have hit new highs this cycle when it comes to transferring money through their political action committees.

As of the end of September, the PAC for the moderate New Democrat Coalition had moved almost $900,000 to candidates, other PACs and Democratic party committees. The NDC PAC’s previous high, according to Federal Election Commission filings, was $815,000, which was set during the 2008 cycle.

This year, the PAC’s disbursements include just under $600,000 given to 23 coalition members who have been identified through the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Frontline program as particularly vulnerable this cycle. The PAC has also given $113,000 to 14 Democratic candidates in challenger and open-seat races around the country.

The PAC has also moved about $85,000 to the DCCC and various state parties this cycle.

The NDC, which is chaired by fundraising phenom Rep. Joe Crowley (N.Y.), is certainly one of the top caucuses when it comes to making PAC donations ‘ but the Blue Dog Coalition of fiscally conservative Democrats has set the bar on PAC giving this cycle.

As of the end of August, the Blue Dog PAC had given about $1.2 million to candidates, PACs and party committees this cycle. Over the course of the entire 2008 cycle, the Blue Dog PAC contributed about $1.1 million.

The PAC for the moderate Republican Mainstreet Partnership had moved $377,000 by the end of August, good enough to surpass its $371,000 in contributions during the 2008 cycle.

The House Conservatives Fund PAC, which is the unofficial PAC for the Republican Study Committee, has so far given $167,000 in contributions this cycle. That’s up from about $130,000 during the 2008 cycle.