NRCC Targeting Space in New Ad

Posted October 6, 2010 at 3:26pm

The National Republican Congressional Committee will be on the air soon against Ohio Rep. Zack Space (D), Roll Call has confirmed. The committee is spending just more than $800,000 on the spot against the second-term lawmaker.

“By repeatedly breaking his pledge not to take lobbyist money, Zack Space has proven once again that he can’t be trusted,” said a Republican source, indicating the party’s line of attack. “Not only has he failed to keep his word, but his voting record is in lock step with Speaker Pelosi on cap-and-trade, higher taxes and reckless spending. Republican efforts will highlight his many broken promises.”

The 18th district is one of several Democratic districts in the state that Republicans are targeting. Sen. John McCain carried it with 53 percent in the 2008 presidential election and President George W. Bush won it with 57 percent in 2004.

As the NRCC targets the seat, Space is playing offense as well. His campaign released a new TV ad on Tuesday that continues to hammer his GOP opponent, Bob Gibbs, on free trade. While Space has also recently hit Gibbs for altering his views on Social Security, he’s made free trade the top issue of the campaign.

“Every day, Bob Gibbs tries to justify the fact that policies he unabashedly supports are responsible for hundreds of thousands of lost jobs here in Ohio,” said Space spokesman Andrew Ricci. “Gibbs’ policy of putting corporations over working Ohioans is just indefensible.”