Angle Raises $14 Million in Third Quarter

Posted October 12, 2010 at 12:18pm

Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle raised $14 million in the third quarter, a GOP source confirmed. The total is considered astounding for any Senate candidate and is nearly triple what other top GOP challengers have raised in any three-month period.

Angle is challenging Majority Leader Harry Reid, which gives her a national fundraising base to draw from. Reid could become the second Democratic Senate leader defeated in the past six years if he loses next month.

Angle’s fundraising was first reported by the Washington Post, which quoted Angle Communications Director Jarrod Agen saying, “This is a testament to the hatred of Harry Reid, the nation’s disapproval of President [Barack] Obama, and the unprecedented grassroots support for Sharron Angle.”

Angle’s strong fundraising, which has been boosted by a nationwide direct-mail solicitation (even Wolf Blitzer got a request for money), has allowed the former state Assemblywoman to compete on TV airwaves with the well-funded Reid campaign, which launches a new TV ad seemingly every week.

Angle has not released her cash-on-hand figure, and the Reid campaign has yet to release its third-quarter numbers. Complete fundraising reports are due to be postmarked to the Federal Election Commission by Friday.