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Reid, Angle Tied Going Into Only Debate

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) remains neck and neck with Republican Sharron Angle, according to a new Mason-Dixon Polling & Research survey conducted for the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Angle received 48 percent to Reid’s 46 percent, including undecided voters who were asked to state which way they were leaning.

The poll provides further proof that the race remains one of the most difficult to call and comes on the same day that Reid and Angle will meet for their only joint appearance — a televised debate held at a PBS studio in Las Vegas.

It was revealed Wednesday that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee bought more than $2.6 million in Nevada TV time over the past two weeks of the campaign.

The well-funded Reid has been on the air for months, portraying Angle as too extreme to represent the state in the Senate. But Angle has been on TV as well and is hoping to capitalize on an anti-Reid sentiment and the overall sour mood of voters.

But according to the poll, 64 percent of voters said the ads are “not an important factor at all” in deciding who to vote for.

The Mason-Dixon poll of 625 likely voters was taken Oct. 11-12 and had a 4-point margin of error.