Webb: Virginia Is Prime Battleground

Posted October 21, 2010 at 10:18am

Sen. Jim Webb, whose own narrow victory tilted Senate control to the Democrats in 2006, is appealing to a large supporter list to get involved in Virginia’s competitive House races.

The Virginia Democrat wrote an e-mail to supporters Thursday morning detailing the tough challenges to “three extraordinary freshman members” — Democratic Reps. Glenn Nye, Gerry Connolly and Tom Perriello.

“To a greater degree than perhaps any other state in America, Virginia is the prime battleground for control of the House of Representatives,” Webb wrote. “All of us recall with pride how in 2008, Virginia led the way with a net gain of three seats in the House — changing the balance in our delegation from an 8-3 Republican advantage to a 6-5 Democratic advantage.”

But as Perriello, Nye and Connolly face Republicans eager to win the House, “these hard fought gains are clearly at risk,” Webb wrote. “Their re-election is critical to our sustained progress.”

Perriello is the most embattled of the three, trailing state Sen. Robert Hurt with less than two weeks to go.

Webb outlined each Democrat’s achievements during this Congress and asked supporters of his Born Fighting Political Action Committee to donate to their campaigns.