Capitol Police Chief Nabs Suspect, Says ‘Got Lucky’

Posted October 26, 2010 at 9:47am

Capitol Police Chief Phillip Morse proved Tuesday that he’s not opposed to getting his hands dirty.

While out on routine patrol, Morse noticed a suspect that matched the description of a woman who had attempted to rob another woman at knife point Tuesday morning near Union Station. The chief pulled over his cruiser near the intersection of North Capitol Street and Massachusetts Avenue, confronted the suspect and subdued her until backup arrived.

Among the officers who arrived on the scene was Assistant Chief Daniel Nichols, who was also out on patrol.

“I just got lucky I guess,” Morse said as his officers were questioning the victim and searching a nearby trash can to try to find the knife. They intercepted the weapon a few minutes later.

Morse said he “used some hand techniques” to take the suspect into custody and kept her subdued until a bike patrol officer arrived to put on the handcuffs.

“I took her into custody and let my officers do the rest,” the chief said.

Nichols, who was helping to oversee the arrest of the suspect, said the case is being treated as an attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.