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Boehner Releases Speeches Outlining GOP Priorities

Presumptive Speaker John Boehner on Thursday released “Pillars of a New Majority,” a collection of five speeches made by the Ohio Republican in the months leading up to Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Boehner used the speeches, given from June to October, to outline some of the issues Republicans hoped to tackle if they reclaimed the majority.

“History will record 2010 as the year in which the American people reasserted control of their government, and the supremacy of the people over politicians and political parties was re-established,” Boehner wrote in the forward of the 44-page document. “Born from this movement was a new majority in the U.S. House of Representatives — a majority humbler than its predecessors, determined to rebuild trust and eager to do the will of the people.”

Boehner wrote that he hoped the speeches would provide a broader context for the “Pledge to America” agenda and give insight into the priorities that “will guide [him] if entrusted with the responsibility and honor of serving as Speaker of the House.”

Addresses in the collection include: “Culture of Life” given at the Annual National Right to Life Convention in Pittsburgh, Pa., “Jobs & The Economy” delivered in Cleveland, Ohio, “National Security” given at the American Legion National Convention in Milwaukee, Wis., “Congressional Reform” given at the American Enterprise Institute and “A Way Forward” given in West Chester, Ohio.