Becerra Mounts Vice Chairman Bid

Posted November 5, 2010 at 2:09pm

Updated 3:49 p.m. Caucus Vice Chairman Xavier Becerra released a statement Friday announcing his intention to seek a second term as the vice chairman of the Democratic Caucus, part of a scramble for leadership spots caused by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to run for Minority Leader.

“Together, we have taken many courageous votes and put our country back on track,” Becerra wrote in a letter soliciting support for his re-election from Democratic colleagues. “Now, together, we must retake the majority in the House by better promoting Democratic core ideas and policies which prevented this ‘Great Recession’ from becoming a depression and helped us tackle the most difficult problems of our generation.”

The California Democrat, who is the only Hispanic lawmaker to hold an elected leadership post, made the case for another term by touting the “energy and resources” he has devoted “to pass our Democratic agenda.”

“From playing lead roles in the passage of historic health care reform and aiding Members with their minority constituent outreach efforts, to being among the Caucus’ leaders in supporting the election and re-election of our talented Democratic membership, I have worked hard to be a leader and team player for House Democrats,” said Becerra, who was a prolific fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this past cycle.