Women Saying ‘No’ to Palin?

Posted December 15, 2010 at 6:34pm

A new poll conducted for the liberal women’s group EMILY’s List found female voters would overwhelmingly support President Barack Obama’s re-election bid if he were running against former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

It focused on women voters who voted for Obama in 2008 but either stayed home or defected to the GOP or third parties during the 2010 midterms. Of the 608 women surveyed, 80 percent would back Obama over Palin. Overall, 62 percent of women polled would choose Obama over a Republican rival.

The poll showed the economy was the primary factor in the women backing the GOP or staying home, but that they don’t agree with the Republican agenda.

“These women did not stay home or vote Republican because they agree with Republican priorities,” said Stephanie Schriock, the group’s president. “And the idea of a Palin presidency sends them running for the Democratic hills. Despite the hype, women voters did not become Mama Grizzlies in 2010.”

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