GOPer Gregg Hartley Plans to Stay at Cassidy

Posted December 16, 2010 at 11:44am

The top Republican lobbyist at Cassidy & Associates has called off his job search and will remain with the firm.

A day after the firm shed a dozen employees and announced plans to restructure, Cassidy Chief Operating Officer Gregg Hartley confirmed Thursday that he is not leaving.

“I’m staying at Cassidy,” Hartley said. “I’m excited about the changes we’ll be making.”

For weeks, Hartley’s future with the firm has been uncertain. The Cassidy executive has seen his stock soar since his former boss, Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), won an open Show-Me State Senate contest Nov. 2. In late October, Hartley was spotted eating lunch at Tosca in Chinatown with two prominent employment negotiators, Robert Barnett and Michael O’Conner.

On Thursday, Hartley put to rest any possibility that he would leave the firm, which announced this week that it is shifting its business model away from appropriations work to focus more on policy.

“I think we’re doing all the right things to accommodate a more competitive, challenging world of the lobbying business,” Hartley said.