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Heard on the Hill: Political Wine-ing

Democrats and Republicans don’t always agree, but if there’s one place they can find common ground, it’s over a glass of wine.

Friends Greg Martellotto and Pedro Aguilar are the minds behind Let the People Decide, a new red wine blend that they think will match the taste buds of political types.

Wine connoisseurs can decide whether they would like a bottle of “progressive” or “conservative” (even though it’s exactly the same wine inside the bottle). Ten percent of the proceeds go to progressive or conservative causes.

The former high school classmates got the idea for the wine based on their own political leanings. Full-time winemaker Martellotto is liberal, while Aguilar, a neurosurgeon, is conservative.

“We disagree, but we try to do it agreeably,” Aguilar says.

The wine is available on, and the pair hope to get a D.C.-area distributor soon. They also hope to host a tasting in D.C. and would love to offer it at political events.

“Anyone running for Congress is going to do fundraisers, and those fundraisers are going to need wine,” Aguilar says.

The winemakers say they hope to sell the wine nationwide by the 2012 elections, so they can track which states prefer the progressive wine and which states prefer the conservative label.

“Maybe it will be indicative because it’s people voting with their wallets,” Martellotto says.