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Heard on the Hill: Members of Congress Get Stuck in Traffic, Too

Not even lawmakers could escape the snow that hit the D.C. metro area Wednesday night. Rep. Rob Wittman spent a whopping seven hours sitting in traffic on his way home to Montross, Va.

“At one point I was barely moving for a five-hour period, so that was pretty frustrating,” the Virginia Republican tells HOH.

The defroster on Wittman’s Toyota Corolla couldn’t keep up with the rapidly falling snow, and he had to get out of the car a few times to clear his windshield, soaking his socks and shoes.

While many commuters abandoned their cars on the road, Wittman says that move was never an option for him, citing safety concerns.

“I don’t know where you go,” he says. “If you walk away from it, you could die from exposure.”

While Wednesday’s commute was tough, Wittman says he is undeterred from driving long distances this winter.

“There’s no rest for the weary,” he says. “The big thing is to try and plan and give yourself plenty of time.”

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