HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Grassley’s Sweater Vest Tweets

Posted February 3, 2011 at 10:58am

Sen. Chuck Grassley has his own Twitter account, and now his sweater vest has one, too.

The Twitter handle @CGSweaterVest went live Wednesday and chronicles the adventures of the Iowa Republican’s favorite article of clothing.

Grassley, who is aware of the account, is known for the collection of colorful sweater vests that he sports each winter.

“The truth of it is that I’ve gotten a lot of nice sweater vests from daughters and daughters-in-law,” he tells HOH. “And you know me, I’m sure not going to waste a gift!”

It’s unclear who created the account — HOH sent a direct message but hasn’t heard back yet. The vest’s bio reads, “Chuck Grassley protects Iowans. I protect his chest.”

At press time, the funny account had fewer than 60 followers and had only issued five tweets.

“I hope keeping America fiscally responsible doesn’t mean Chuck decides to cut his sweater vest budget,” one read, while another issued fighting words to another famous fake Twitter account.

“@TomCoburnsBeard is fleeting … Chuck Grassley’s sweater vest is forever.”

Game on!