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Heard on the Hill: Congressional Fashion Tips

The local blog Fashion Delegate is offering guidelines for new Members of Congress who are looking to show a little bit of self-expression in their wardrobe.

Launched last spring by Jennifer Fisher, a Hill staffer-turned-lobbyist, and Portia Hood, a marketing executive, the blog offers style tips in addition to news on political issues that affect the fashion world.

“I think the days of the dowdy Washington dress code are over, and women in politics are fashionably engaged in their style,” Fisher says. “Style can be relevant, and it doesn’t have to undermine your intelligence or drive.”

Fisher advises new Members to make a statement with their clothes and allow their style to “tell a story.” Clothes are a great way to show confidence, she says, pointing to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton as an example.

Her pantsuits “showed confidence and that she was tough enough to hang with the boys’ club,” Fisher says.

Freshman Rep. Kristi Noem has caught Fisher’s eye as one of the most stylish Members in her class. Fisher describes the South Dakota Republican’s style as “edgy,” while she also admires the unique fashion sense of Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.).

“I commend her for developing a style that is kind of bold,” she says. “Sometimes I think it’s kind of out there, but it’s her style and I commend her for that.”

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