Heard on the Hill: Special Delivery

Posted February 15, 2011 at 6:15pm

Abortion and other reproductive issues are hot-button topics on Capitol Hill once again. But not every activist effort has been heated.

On Monday, five staffers from the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice visited the Hill to deliver homemade Valentine’s Day cards to 40 Members of Congress. As part of the coalition’s “We HEART Our Pro-Choice Superstars” campaign, the effort thanked Members for their support.

Wearing holiday-appropriate ensembles of pink, red and purple, the group’s staffers gave cards to a diverse group of Members, including those who have voted for abortion rights even when their district is mixed on the issue, a spokeswoman says.

“Republican Senate staffers were especially grateful for the RCRC valentine and wanted to learn more,” spokeswoman Marjorie Signer tells HOH.