Heard on the Hill: One Partisan Puppy

Posted February 28, 2011 at 6:15pm

Add this puppy to three dogs, one cat and a tank of fish. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz recently welcomed a new member of her family: an adorable boxer/yellow labrador mix named Demmy.

The animal was adopted from neighbors whose dog surprised them by giving birth to 11 puppies.

“We were just taken in by Demmy’s sweet face and beautiful eyes,” the Florida Democrat says. “She needed someone to adopt her, and we were so excited to give her a loving home.”

As for the name, Wasserman Schultz posted a picture of the female pup on Twitter on Saturday and asked her followers to suggest kid-friendly names. “Help us name r new puppy. Tweet suggestions. Name should end in ie or y. My kids will see tweets — please be nice!” she wrote.

A slew of suggestions poured in, including Ernie, Sunny and Lucky. In the end, the Wasserman Schultz family settled on the decidedly partisan name.

“Meet Demmy! Schultz Family txs every1 for gr8 names. Txs 4 helping to match 2 of my passions — my politics+my pets,” she tweeted Monday morning.