TV Ad Slams GOP on Budget (VIDEO)

Posted March 2, 2011 at 1:01pm’s political action committee is launching a national TV ad that accuses Republicans of cutting funding for education, environmental protections and “even aid to pregnant women” to pay for the party’s preferred “tax breaks to corporations and the rich.”

The ad calls on viewers to call Congress and “tell them, protect the American dream. Stop the Republican war on the middle class.”

Pegged to the ongoing budget battle on Capitol Hill where the two parties are sparring over the size and scope of spending cuts, the ad also puts pressure on Democrats to stand up to the GOP.

“Democratic Senators are the last line of defense against the Republicans’ immoral slash-and-burn budget,” Executive Director Justin Ruben said in a statement. “It’s up to Democrats to stop the Republican’s war on the middle class by fighting against the Republican attempts to slash vital programs in order to pay corporations and multi-millionaires.”

The 30-second ad will air on national cable TV for a week. It is unclear how much the ad buy cost.

Watch the ad: