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Heard on the Hill: There’s No Business Like Show Business

Move over Ayla Brown, there’s a new singing Congressional kid.

Rep. Robert Andrews tells HOH that his 16-year-old daughter, Josie, is writing and recording several songs in Los Angeles. The New Jersey Democrat now joins Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) on the list of lawmakers who have raised musical offspring.

“She sang before she talked,” Andrews says of his daughter.

Josie hasn’t signed with a label, but she’s found producers to help her fine-tune her sound.

“One of her producers is named Michael Lloyd, and he’s done Barry Manilow’s mix,” the proud papa says.

Andrews compares his daughter’s sound to that of pop stars Ke$ha and Taylor Swift, and says the songs will eventually be for sale on iTunes.

Josie is a teen of many talents: She’s also an actress and screenwriter.

“She’s sort of had a long-term career,” Andrews says, adding that she starred in a Broadway tour of “Oliver!” at age 9.

In more recent years, Josie has penned a screenplay about bullying. The musical film, which has been picked up by a production company, features 10 original songs. Josie and her older sister, Jackie, 18,  attended an anti-bullying forum at the White House this month.

“Our girls have never lived a minute of their lives thinking they can’t be whatever their talent justifies,” Andrews explains. “I’m proud of both my children. I really am.”