DCCC Reminds Voters of Nuclear Disaster

Posted March 28, 2011 at 7:17pm

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee slammed more than 50 House Republicans on Monday, the 32nd anniversary of the Three Mile Island disaster, for voting to reduce nuclear security spending.

The targeted statements distributed to the Members’ districts accuse the lawmakers of supporting “a dangerous plan to drastically reduce the security of nuclear facilities across the nation.” The lawmakers voted last month to pass a continuing resolution authored by House Republicans for the remainder of fiscal 2011 that would cut funding for the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office and for nuclear non-proliferation efforts, according to a summary of the bill by House Appropriations Republicans. It would also cut funding for first responder training for weapons of mass destruction, according to a summary by Senate Appropriations Democrats.

“While we know we need to cut spending and reduce the national debt, Illinois families are rightfully scared about Representative Bob Dold’s plan to cut nuclear safety, security and clean-up,” DCCC spokesman Jesse Ferguson said in the statement targeted to freshman Dold’s Illinois district.

The statements referenced the 1979 partial meltdown at the Three Mile Island nuclear power facility in Pennsylvania, as well as the nuclear crisis in Japan, where nuclear reactors were severely damaged by earthquakes and a tsunami this month.

“With less detection, prevention, security and training for clean up, there is no doubt that Representative Bob Dold voted to make our country more vulnerable in an increasingly dangerous world,” the statement added.