Ann Kirkpatrick Seeks Comeback in Arizona

Posted March 30, 2011 at 8:52am

Arizona Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick is planning to run again for her former House seat, which she lost to now-Rep. Paul Gosar (R) in 2010.

As the Arizona Republic reported, the one-term Congresswoman is hoping the political climate this cycle is better for Democrats. She lost by 6 points to Gosar, a dentist.

“It’s clear to me, now that Paul Gosar has a record, that he is toeing the party line rather than serving the district,” Kirkpatrick told the newspaper. “The real key for me is the number of people who I’ve been hearing from in the district — and this is Democrats, independents, Republicans and even folks who are actively involved in the ‘tea party’ — that they feel he is deeply out-of-touch with the district.”

Several House Democrats who were swept out by the GOP tidal wave in 2010 are contemplating running again next year, when district lines will be new because of redistricting. However, Kirkpatrick is the first defeated Member to announce she will definitely mount a comeback bid.

The National Republican Congressional Committee responded to the news by continuing its effort from last cycle to tie Kirkpatrick to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“Arizona voters saw through Ann Kirkpatrick’s ‘moderate’ mask last fall and fired her for being a big-spending Democrat who voted for Pelosi’s failed stimulus and government takeover of healthcare,” NRCC spokesman Tyler Houlton said. “Now that Nancy Pelosi’s iron grip over the Democrat caucus has ensured that no self-proclaimed ‘moderate’ Democrat has any place in the U.S. Congress, Kirkpatrick will not be able to hide under the ‘moderate’ pretense.”