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Heard on the Hill: Staffer Finds His Doppelganger

Plenty of people have celebrity doppelgangers, but not everyone works in the same building as their look-alike’s famous face.

Colleagues of Mischa Fisher, senior legislative assistant to Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-Ill.), pointed out his uncanny resemblance to a male model whose mug was plastered all over posters in House buildings. The advertisement, which touts the House Learning Center’s professional development courses, features a young man with close-cropped, dark hair and square-framed glasses, just like Fisher.

Fisher says his co-workers have ribbed him about the likeness, but even he concedes that they look remarkably similar. He even posed by one of the posters and sent the image to his girlfriend.

“She says she thinks I’m better-looking, but she might be the only one,” he tells HOH.

The office of the Chief Administrative Officer, which is behind the posters, tells HOH that the guy in the photo is from a stock image.

Still, Andrew Flach, Hultgren’s communications director, says he’s not convinced the man isn’t Fisher. He suspects his colleague might be moonlighting as a part-time model.

“That could explain why he disappears for long periods of time to do ‘committee work,’” Flach deadpans.

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