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Every Tuesday, HOH gets to know a Member of Congress better through a series of five fun questions. This week, we chat with Sen. Chris Coons. The Delaware Democrat dishes about his caffeine addiction and busy life that unfortunately means no sports or movies.

Q: Which team do you think will win the NBA Finals?

A: I’m afraid I don’t watch as much “SportsCenter” as I’d like to these days, but my son Mike says it’ll be the [Miami] Heat and my son Jack says it’ll be the [Chicago] Bulls.

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone (aside from your family), who would it be and why?

A: Harry Truman would make great dinner company. … Telling stories, playing the piano, beating me at poker. Bess would make sure we didn’t stay up too late, though.

Q: What’s your favorite drink?

A: I get by on a regimen of coffee and Diet Coke with Lime these days.

Q: What’s your favorite movie of all time?

A: Do they still have movies? I feel like I haven’t been to one in 10 years … which may explain why my favorite movie is probably “My Cousin Vinny.” Positraction!

Q: Who’s your best friend in Congress?

A: Tom Carper has been a friend for a long time and has been a wonderful mentor to me in the Senate, and I love that my old friend John Carney is now serving Delaware in the House. Coming to the Senate has given me a chance to reconnect with Michael Bennet, who I’ve known for years, and I’ve become quite fond of Johnny Isakson as well.

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