Heard on the Hill: CMF’s Massage Parlor Mix-Up

Posted May 10, 2011 at 6:22pm

When HOH wants a nice deep-tissue massage, perhaps the last place she’d go would be … the Congressional Management Foundation’s offices.

While the foundation, which helps Congressional offices operate more efficiently, might be a hands-on operation, a massage parlor it certainly isn’t.

But recently, an apparently confused visitor arrived at the CMF’s Capitol Hill digs looking for a rubdown.

CMF President Brad Fitch tells HOH that the woman entered the office and informed the intern sitting in the receptionist’s desk that she was there for a massage.

“You should have seen the look on the intern’s face,” Fitch says.

The woman, Fitch eventually realized, was looking for Creative Hands Massage, a studio that opened a few weeks later in the office space downstairs.

But the mix-up got Fitch thinking that maybe the two businesses have more in common than a roof. After all, the CMF seeks to solve knotty problems — and it’s even sponsoring an upcoming program on ways for House legislative directors to manage on-the-job tension.

“Our job is to reduce stress in one way and their job is to reduce stress in another way, so maybe there’s some room for synergy,” Fitch says.