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Paul Modestly Pitches His Presidential Qualifications

Rep. Ron Paul evaluated himself on Sunday as “pretty well-equipped” to be president.

“I would say nobody is perfect,” the Texas Republican said on “Fox News Sunday.” “I don’t know all the answers. I don’t want to run people’s lives and run the world and run the economy. So, my qualifications are a little bit different. But compared to others, I would say I’m pretty well-equipped.”

Paul announced last week that he would make his third bid for the White House. The eight-term Congressman holds a libertarian view of the federal government that is considered less fringe now than it was during his 2008 White House bid, but he’s also no longer the only Republican advocating for dramatically reducing the size and scope of government.

“I’ve had a fair amount of experience,” Paul said. “I’ve been in the military. I was in the military five years. That gives me a little bit of experience. So, I would say I’m pretty well-equipped.

“But to brag that I can run things, I don’t do that, because that’s not what a president is supposed to do. A president is supposed to guarantee and work for the protection of liberty and allow people to take care of their problems.”

David M. Drucker contributed to this report.