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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Oil On Tap

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not the only head of state visiting the White House this week. President Barack Obama will meet with President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria on Wednesday.

“The president looks forward to consulting with President Jonathan on the latest regional and global developments, and deepening our strong bilateral partnership,” the White House says in a statement.

The statement does not say what the “regional and global developments” under discussion might be, nor does it outline how U.S.-Nigerian relations will be strengthened. However, since Nigeria is a major oil producer and since U.S. oil prices are inching up and up, we are guessing the topic du jour for Wednesday is black gold.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Nigeria has the “second largest oil reserves in Africa and is the continent’s top oil producer.”

Even better? Nigeria is chock-a-block with “light, sweet crude” making it a “preferred gasoline feedstock.”

So, we’re just saying if Presidents Obama and Jonathan don’t talk oil, it would be weird.

Other things you should know about Jonathan: He holds a doctorate in zoology. He is married to a zoologist named Patience. Goodluck and Patience have two children. This is the Nigerian president’s second visit in as many years to the White House.

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