Perry Asks Activists to Follow Him on ‘Tweeter’

Posted June 20, 2011 at 7:04pm

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) recorded a video greeting thanking Americans for Prosperity for an award recognizing his use of new media to encourage citizen activism in government policy, presented at AFP’s RightOnline convention in Minneapolis.

“Howdy, this is Rick Perry,” the governor said in the video, played Friday night for about 1,400 conservatives during the first day of the convention. The governor, eyeing a White House bid, gave a speech at the Republican Leadership Conference the next day.

In the RightOnline video, Perry thanked the “blogging community” for getting involved and asked the crowd to text “fed up” to his campaign. (Signing up prompts this response: “Thanks for standing up. Go to to say no to out of control D.C. spending, secret earmarks, and rising taxes.”)

“In time, our shared effort just might transform the culture in Washington, D.C. … putting America back on track to true greatness,” he said.

But Perry didn’t do himself any favors by closing with a request that the activists follow him on “tweeter.” The crowd laughed and the AFP official presenting the award gently ribbed the governor for the mispronunciation.